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Sneeze Guard (for The Big One)

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Sneeze Guard (for The Big One)

Sneeze Guard (for The Big One)


Protect your wares from contamination and bacteria with a removable sneeze guard for our The Big One.  The sneeze guard has clear top, sides, and back.  The dual doors that provide easy access to your hotdogs and side items.  

The sneeze guard ships as a kit and must be assembled before use.



40" (L) x 15 7/8" (W) x 12 5/8" (H)

NOTE:  At 275°F, the Removable Sneeze Guard becomes pliable. Therefore, it is imperative that you REMOVE the Sneeze Guard before setting the burners to medium or high. Failure to do so will cause damage to it.

NOTE:  The gallery photo displays additional products not  included in this purchase. This product page is only for purchase of the "Sneeze Guard".



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